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Precision, Efficiency, and Reliability in Every Cut

Our state-of-the-art subtractive manufacturing services bring unparalleled precision and efficiency to your production line. Specialising in cutting, milling, and shaping a wide range of materials, we deliver parts that meet the most exacting standards.

  • Process: Involves removing material from a solid block (like metal or plastic) to achieve the desired shape. Common methods include milling, turning, and drilling.
  • Materials: Can work with a wide range of materials, often harder and more durable than those used in additive manufacturing.
  • Design Flexibility: More limited compared to AM, as it can be challenging to create complex internal geometries.
  • Waste: Often results in more waste, as excess material is removed and discarded.
  • Tooling: Requires specific tooling for each part, leading to higher initial setup costs and times.
  • Applications: Ideal for high-volume production, parts requiring high strength and durability, and simpler geometries.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: More cost-effective for large production runs due to economies of scale.
  • Machining Process Optimisation: AI optimises cutting parameters (speed, feed rate, depth of cut) in real-time for efficiency and tool longevity, based on material, tool type, and desired finish.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Similar to additive manufacturing, AI can predict maintenance needs in subtractive manufacturing equipment, reducing unexpected downtime.
  • Energy Consumption Optimisation: AI can optimise energy usage in machinery, leading to more sustainable operations and cost savings.
  • Automation of CNC Programming: AI algorithms can assist in generating and optimising CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programs, reducing the time and expertise required for manual programming.
  • Enhanced Safety: AI systems can monitor machine operations for safety hazards, improving worker safety in manufacturing environments.

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